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2月12日( 月・祝) 映画「ウムイ」×舞台演舞の英語版トレーラーです。(今回は英語字幕付き上映です)

« Umui – Guardians of Traditions » Movie & Stage Performance

Date :February 12, 2024 (Monday, national holiday)
Doors open at 13:00 / Screening starts at 14:00
Admission Free Seating

Advanced : Adults 2,500 yen Students 1,500 yen
(At door + 500 yen)
By mail : garamanhall@gmail.com

Ryukyan dance and sanshin music are among the most impressive traditions from Okinawa that are still being passed from one generation to the next.
Through the thoughts of different characters involved in performing arts, the movie portrays their various approaches towards century-old customs that are threatened to be lost.

« Umui – Guardians of Traditions » was screened at the EU’s largest Japanese film event “Japan-Connection” held in Frankfurt, Germany on June 6-11, 2023.In a related event, Ryukyuan dance, lion dance, and eisa were performed in front of an enthusiastic audience.
We are pleased to present for the first time in Okinawa a unique combination of movie and stage performance.

Organized by : Ginoza Village Cultural Promotion Executive Committee

13:00開場 / 14:00開演 / 16:00終演

一般  2,500円(当日3,000円)
学生  1,500円(当日2,000円)